At Portfolio Salon we like to offer our services to a range of clients. We take pride in our professionalism, expertise and most of all our client interactions. We love to having our clients choose the level of expertise the are most comfortable with. Below are a few style tips to help you decided who your stylist will be.Services Include the following: Consultation, Individualized selection of professional shampoo / conditioner W/ Scalp Massage, Blow Dry, Finish, and coaching on how to style your hair at home
* Prices are based upon starting rates. Pricing guide can be seen below *


Executive Stylists

With years of extensive education and a broad spectrum of experiences, our Executive stylists are all-around all-stars of hair artistry. They guarantee the highest standard of quality and perfection. Due to limited availability, not all of our Executive Stylists may be available for new clients. Please inquire within to build your relationship with an Executive Stylist by calling the salon today.


Master stylist 

Our Master Stylist are talented, experienced, and truly devoted hair artists.  Their skills are impeccable, always growing further through education and adaptation to new fashion trends.  We have been widely recognized for COLOR REPAIR, further illustrating the mastery and guarantee you can expect from our salon.


Junior Stylist 

Junior Stylists are licensed cosmetologists who have already passed our rigorous tests of becoming a part of Portfolio Salon, but lack the length of experience of our Master Stylists.


Cuts and styling 

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Waxing, Extensions, Perms, &Updos

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Hair & Scalp Renewals

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